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Long lasting retinal photo-switch restores visual function after a single intra-ocular injection.

Scientists based at the University of California, Berkeley, have published results of a study showing how a small molecule “photo-switch” –a molecule that changes conformation in response to light– may be capable of restoring vision in models of retinal degeneration. The research results, published in Scientific Reports (DOI: 10.1038/srep45487) describes a third generation molecule named […]

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US research team demonstrate “unprecedented and unanticipated” benefits of vitamin B3 in model of glaucoma.

Research, conducted at the Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine, has reported that therapeutic use of vitamin B3 was successful in blocking the progression of glaucoma in 93% of eyes tested. In addition, a higher dose of the same molecule was also able to protect against both intraocular pressure (IOP) elevation and neural vulnerability. Such a […]

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Stanford University research paper claims that most clinical research is not useful and much of it may not reflect reality.

Research, conducted at the Department of Medicine and the Department of Health Research and Policy at Stanford University, has concluded that most medical research findings are false and that most research findings that are not false are not useful. The paper, provocatively entitled “Why Most Clinical Research Is Not Useful”, states that reform and improvement […]

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