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Stanford University research paper claims that most clinical research is not useful and much of it may not reflect reality.

Research, conducted at the Department of Medicine and the Department of Health Research and Policy at Stanford University, has concluded that most medical research findings are false and that most research findings that are not false are not useful. The paper, provocatively entitled “Why Most Clinical Research Is Not Useful”, states that reform and improvement […]

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5-year progression from unilateral to bilateral AMD, and associated risk factors, highlighted in three continent AMD consortium research

Researchers based at the Centre for Vision Research, Westmead Institute, University of Sydney, have reported their findings using three population-based cohorts to show the proportion of patients progressing from unilateral AMD to bilateral involvement. The Three Continent AMD Consortium (3CC) investigated progression of the disease in relation to risk factors and early AMD lesion characteristics. […]

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Potential biomarker for diabetic retinopathy uncovered through genome-wide mRNA analysis

Researchers based at the Institute of Ophthalmology, Conde de Valenciana, Mexico City, have published the results of a genome wide mRNA screen which suggest a potential link between alternative splice forms of the TUBD1 gene, and a risk for developing diabetic retinopathy (DR). While the study was performed on a relatively small number of diabetic […]

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