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Outcomes for ophthalmic clinical trials requires consistent studies to ensure systematic reviews and decision-making

A number of researchers and clinicians suggest that consistent clinical trial outcome measures may benefit decision-making for clinical research across three ophthalmic studies – AMD, refractive error in children and dry eye. The researchers indicate that well designed and rigorous randomized controlled trials (RCTs) should provide the basic tools for presenting systematic reviews and best […]

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Strabismus indicates that Leonardo da Vinci may have some evidence among works of sculpture and painting

A UK researcher has identified that evidence may suggest Leonardo da Vinci had intermittent exotropia, which may result in an ability to switch to monocular vision seen in some of his works of art.  The researcher explained that da Vinci had an ability to draw or paint great artistic works, literally in the “eye”.  The […]

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A majority of office-based ophthalmologists do not claim with a familiarity of AMD genetics

A report of a survey among private practice ophthalmologists and hospital-based ophthalmologists suggest that clinicians may have insufficient knowledge of genetics in AMD.  Both office and hospital-based ophthalmologists do not consider to have practical genetic skills relevant to patient care.  To remedy such concerns, several genetics educational programmes may need to tailor revised courses, or […]

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