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A drug delivery approach for a thermoresponsive polymer shows sustained anti-VEGF treatment for AMD

Researchers in an independent Australian federal research agency (CSIRO), Victoria, Australia, have demonstrated that a novel polymer synthesizing two anti-VEGF treatments (bevacizumab and aflibercept) may be used to extend drug delivery release profiles over a 183 day period.  As anti-VEGF intravitreal injections generally require burdensome monthly treatments, the new reverse thermoresponsive polymer (RTP) may significantly […]

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Gene therapy of an immune signaling strategy may propose a mutation-independent approach to preserve vision in RP

Researchers in the Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, US, have published a study on a mutation-independent strategy for the treatment of cone cell photoreceptors in retinitis pigmentosa (RP). RP has an incidence of about 1 in 4,000 people worldwide and the cause of the disease can arise in over 80 different genes with […]

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A comprehensive study of the retina in Alzheimer’s disease reports a marked thinning of inner and outer retinal nerve fibre layers

Researchers in the Doheny Eye Institute in Los Angeles, US, have published a study on marked pathological tissues in the retinal nerve fibre layers (RNFL) with Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  While several previous studies have reported on OCT research from AD patients in the retina, the current reports indicate that clinical utility of the retina as […]

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