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Phase II results from encapsulated cell therapy technology show benefit in the treatment of patients with macular telangiectasia 2

Results from a Phase II multicentre randomised trial, which had enrolled 67 patients, with macular telangiectasia 2, has reported meeting its primary endpoint, defined as a change in the ellipsoid zone from baseline to month 24, measured by Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT). According to the sponsor of the study, an increase in the […]

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Phase III results of experimental gene therapy treatment for RPE-65 mediated retinal dystrophy report statistical and clinically meaningful benefit

Findings from a clinical research study published in the Lancet (Jul 13, 2017) show that patients with RPE-65 mediated retinopathy had a “statistically significant and clinically meaningful difference” in the primary trial endpoint of “multi-luminance mobility testing” (MLMT). The endpoint itself represents an innovation built into the study and approved by regulators as a meaningful […]

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Experimental AMD drug may require less regular injections than competing anti-VEGF treatments, subject to data yet to be released

Results from an industry Phase III non-inferiority study of a new single chain antibody fragment (RTH258), designed to inhibit all VEGF-A isoforms, appears to achieve comparable clinical results with less frequent injections than a rival treatment, according to the sponsor. While detailed results have yet to be published, or peer-reviewed, the sponsor of the study, […]

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