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Allergan (NYSE:AGN) and CRISPR company, Editas Medicine Inc. (NASDAQ:EDIT), announce strategic deal to focus on eye diseases

Allergan Inc. (NASDAQ:AGN) and Editas Medicine Inc. (NASDAQ:EDIT) have announced the execution of an exclusive licensing transaction in which Allergan receives an option on up to five of Editas’ CRISPR ocular research programmes, including Editas’ lead programme for a product candidate to treat Lebers congenital amaurosis (LCA10). Under the terms of the deal Editas will […]

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AGTC and Bionic Sight announce a strategic collaboration to use optogenetics and neuroprosthetics, together with specific software, to improve visual perception

AGTC Inc (NASDAQ: AGTC) based in Gainesville, Florida and Bionic Sight LLC, based in New York, have announced a strategic collaboration to develop opogenetic therapies and devices for patients with visual impairments. AGTC Inc. has been involved with developing gene therapies for retinal disorders for over a decade, while Bionic Sight LLC was more recently […]

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GenSight, a French biotechnology company, has announced the receipt of FDA orphan designation for retinitis pigmentosa gene therapy treatment in the US.

GenSight Biologics S.A. (Euronext: SIGHT) has announced the receipt of FDA Orphan Drug Designation in the US for its experimental retinitis pigmentosa (RP) treatment, “GS030”. The announcement follows a similar orhan designation grant in the EU, announced in Q4 of 2016. According to the company, GS030, is an optogenetic therapy delivered using adeno-associated viral (AAV) […]

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