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A “no deal” Brexit scenario may start a domino effect for a “collapse” in the UK pharmaceutical industry

Research published by several investigators in UK universities, including York University, King’s College, London and Queen Mary University, London, states that “the uncertainty of a “no-deal” outcome has already started a domino effect that could lead to the UK pharmaceutical industry’s collapse” (European Medical Writers Association, December 2018). In the recent article, several three potential […]

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Annexon Biosciences Inc. has raised over $75M investment to build classical complement pathway treatments

Annexon Biosciences Inc. (San Francisco, California, USA) has raised $75 million investment to fund development of its lead complement inhibitors through several clinical stages, according to the company. The investment of venture funds was led by Bain Capital Life Sciences, Surveyor Capital and Adage Capital Partners, which also include NEA, Blackstone Life Sciences, Novartis Venture […]

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Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (ACGT Inc.) have terminated a gene therapy study for X-linked retinoschisis

Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: AGTC), a gene therapy company, indicated that a treatment of a X-linked retinoschisis (XLRS) disorder has confirmed that interim six-month data from a Phase I/II clinical trial (rAAV2tYF-CB-hRS1) have no signs of clinical activity at six-months.  AGTC announced that the company will not further develop the XLRS gene product.   […]

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