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Retinal gene therapy company, Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: AGTC) partners with Sigma-Aldrich (SAFC) in AAV manufacture

Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: AGTC), Gainsville, Florida has announced the execution of a gene therapy manufacturing services agreement with the Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (NASDAQ: SIAL). According to AGTC, the terms of the agreement will facilitate both companies in co-marketing AGTC’s AAV manufacturing method with Sigma’s cGMP manufacturing capability. In a press release following the signing of the agreement, AGTC stated that the initiative, “will assist clients in engineering AAV-based vectors and the associated helper viruses for HAVE-based manufacturing activities. SAFC will manufacture AAV vectors with the HAVE system to either support initial research or in accordance with cGMP requirements to support clinical trial development and eventual commercial production. Through this partnership, clients will also have access to bio-manufacturing testing services from BioReliance, SAFC’s biologics and early-development services business”. No information was provided on the details of the AGTC “HAVE” system.