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Optos, plc unveils next generation desktop imaging device at American Academy of Optometry meeting

UK company Optos, plc (LSE: OPTS) has announced its next generation imaging device, branded “Daytona”, at the Boston meeting of the American Academy of Optometry. Details of the new device have been made available on the company’s website ( and include some preliminary clinician feedback with further clinical studies planned. The new “Daytona” device claims to incorporate an improved ultra wide-field imaging modality, and is marketed as smaller and more ergonomic than previous devices. The imaging tool, an advance on previous models, aims to provide a wide-field image of the retina in a panoramic view for the purpose of improving disease detection by clinical exam. The company has been designing and developing retinal imaging devices since 1992 to produce an “optomap” image, allowing for an ultra-wide view of the retina to facilitate early detection and diagnosis of conditions such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, retinal holes/retinal tears and age-related macular degeneration.