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May 19th, 2023 “EURETINA-Brief”© Issue No. 271

by Dr. Gearóid Tuohy

Dear EURETINA Members,

A very warm welcome to the May 19th, 2023 edition of EURETINA’s web-based digital magazine, “EURETINA Brief”.  EURETINA are delighted to continue our delivery of up-to-date summary briefs on a range of topics of interest to retinal clinicians, specialists and researchers across Europe. This resource is designed to accommodate the very busy schedules of all our members by providing them with a short overview of some new developments and announcements in our field over recent weeks.

The current issue highlights a number of research activities, clinical / regulatory milestones, and market / business developments in our field, including a research study on an antisense oligonucleotide (AON) therapy strategy for Stargardt disease type 1 (STGD1), aiming to provide a proof of concept with effective restoration of correct ABCA4 transcript splicing; a clinical study on two new RP/LCA-specific instruments reporting strong evidence for psychometric validity on measures with RP/LCA cohorts, with adults and caregivers of children, and; an announcement of a US “LIGHTSITE III” clinical trial data on photo-biomodulation (PBT) treatment of dry AMD has reported vision improvement for 24 months.

As in previous issues we have incorporated a feedback section where you can comment on any of the news items or articles under discussion and we very much welcome all contributions.  Previous articles and issues can be found in the archive section on this website.

As always, your increased interaction within the EURETINA web community serves to expand your professional network and keep you up to date with the latest initiatives, activities and research in your field. Our hope is that such cross-fertilisation in an active web-based platform, including our LinkedIn page, will lead to increased collaborative opportunities and ultimately to improved patient care. All readers are invited to submit comments or responses to any of the stories featured and we look forward to hearing from you over the coming month.

Best wishes,

Dr. Gearóid Tuohy