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Results of small cell study suggests aflibercept and bevacizumab may impair wound healing capability of porcine RPE cells

Research, based at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Kiel, Germany, has indicated that aflibercept and bevacizumab may interfere with the physiology of RPE cells. The in-vitro lab-based study assessed the impact of aflibercept and bevacizumab in a primary porcine RPE cell system and results suggested that when clinically relevant concentrations were used, aflibercept and bevacizumab displayed a statistically significant effect on wound healing compared with control (control 87.3±8.4% closure, aflibercept 500 mg/mL 70.3±10.3% closure, p<0.01; bevacizumab 250 mg/mL 80.7±6.8% closure, p<0.05).