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Oxford Biomedica plc restarts Phase I gene therapy study for neovascular wet AMD

Oxford Biomedica plc, (LSE: OXB), a UK-based biopharmaceutical company has announced the completion of a planned recruitment of 21 patients into its Phase I trial of “RetinoStat”, a lentiviral vector based treatment for neovascular wet AMD. The company announced that each patient had been treated with a single subretinal administration of RetinoStat leading to “the production of two anti-angiogenic proteins – endostatin and angiostatin”. In early June 2013, the company had suspended patient recruitment for their RetinoStat Phase I, StarGen Phase I/IIa and UshStat Phase I/IIa clinical trials as a precautionary measure following the detection of potential impurities derived from what was referred to as a “widely-used third party raw material”. The company made no comment on the specifics of the impurity or on their suspected source but did state that, “there were no safety concerns identified in preclinical or clinical testing of the products and there is no reason to believe that the safety profile.