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iCo Therapeutics Inc., progresses antisense treatment for DME market

iCo Therapeutics Inc., a Vancouver based re-profiling development company, have announced that they have exceeded their patient recruitment targets for a phase II DME clinical trial of a proprietary anti-sense therapeutic. The experimental drug, “iCo-007”, is a second-generation anti-sense RNA molecule designed to target c-Raf kinase mRNA, believed to represent a key upstream target in angiogenesis. At the mid-point of the trial the company reported no drug related serious adverse events among patients receiving repeat doses of iCo-007. In a company press release Dr. Peter Hnik, Chief Medical Officer of iCo Therapeutics stated that, “systemic and local safety will be an important differentiator of products for diabetic patients, including drug candidates for diabetic macular edema, and we are pleased with the current safety profile of iCo-007 in patients in both our previous single dose Phase 1 and current multi-dose Phase 2 clinical studies”.