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***EURETINA / Fight for Sight launch Sub-Macular Haemorrhage (SMH) Clinical Research Call***

EURETINA, through a collaboration with Fight for Sight, have announced a dedicated Research Call to support clinical research in the field of sub-macular haemorrhage (SMH), valued at up to €2 million.  The Research Call seeks proposals from suitably qualified clinical investigators to address the current clinical uncertainty in respect of the medical management of sub-macular haemorrhage.  At present, there is a gap in the evidence-base in respect of the available alternative treatments for sub-macular haemorrhage.  EURETINA funding of up to €2,000,000, for a duration of between three and four years, is aimed at comprehensively addressing the optimal treatment approach to sub-macular haemorrhage.


SMH is a severe complication of exudative age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  While there is some evidence in the literature that subretinal or intravitreally administered recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA), in combination with a gas or air tamponade, can displace the haemorrhage from the macula, no randomized controlled clinical trial has yet been published comparing a number of the currently available clinical treatment regimens.  The EURETINA / Fight for Sight Research Call is seeking proposals from experienced clinical investigators to conduct a superiority randomised controlled trial (RCT) for the resolution of acute sub-macular haemorrhages in patients with exudative AMD, in particular, comparing the two treatments of (a) anti-VEGF (aflibercept OR ranibizumab), gas, subretinal rtPA and vitrectomy treatment, collectively the “displacement treatment”, versus (b) an anti-VEGF (aflibercept OR ranibizumab) alone treatment, also referred to as “monotherapy”.  The EURETINA / Fight for Sight Research Call is aimed at senior clinical investigators who have demonstrable experience in leading or participating at a high level in formal international multicentre RCTs.  The management and operation of modern clinical trial research comprises multiple moving parts, requiring significant multidisciplinary skills including clinical, regulatory, financial, legal, operational, recruitment, nursing and statistical capability.  Regardless of the challenge, the clinical need to improve and optimise the care of patients with SMH is significant.  Consequently, EURETINA have made the important decision to support high quality clinical research in order to contribute to improved clinical outcomes for patients.


Eligible applicants must have a tenured post at a recognised university, hospital or research institute within the European Union or H2020 “associated countries”, and must have a contract of full-time employment which extends beyond the termination date of the grant. The call for the EURETINA / Fight for Sight SMH Clinical Research Grant is now open until 18.00 (CET) on October 31st, 2018 with further conditions and details for interested applicants available on both the EURETINA website ( and the Fight for Sight website (