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Alimera announces acceptance of further review of Iluvien data by UK’s NICE

Alimera Sciences Inc., (NASDAQ: ALIM) have announced that the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) are scheduled to review additional data to support the use of Iluvien in patients with chronic diabetic macular edema (DME). The company has stated that NICE will now consider additional data submitted as an appendix to Alimera’s comments on a preliminary Appraisal Consultation Document from NICE. NICE’s Appraisal Committee is currently evaluating the cost-effectiveness of Iluvien for the treatment of chronic DME insufficiently responsive to available therapies. The latest development arises from further analysis of the Iluvien trial data reported to demonstrate that Iluvien may be more cost-effective in a pseudophakic patient subgroup. In a press release Alimera stated that “patients with an artificial lens cannot further develop a cataract in the treated eye due to their exposure to the corticosteroid delivered via Iluvien. These patients will not experience the transient reduction in visual acuity as the result of cataract development that occurred in some patients during the first two years of the FAME Study, nor will they incur the cost associated with cataract surgery”.